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  • We are working at becoming your one stop source for exotic wood, exotic wood blanks and information relating to tonewood, luthier and rare woods
  • Afromosia is an exotic wood that resembles teak and hence it is often called African teak. It is found throughout much of Central and West Africa. Afromosia is often uesed as a wood for boat building as well as a wood for walking canes. It is used for turning, inlays, furniture, tool handles, cabinetry, decking and veneers.
  • Australian Blackwood is a species of Acacia wood that is often known as black wattle or by its scientific name Acacia Melanoxylon. This exotic wood is used in furniture making due to its strength, and due to the trees large size, this wood also makes a great veneer
  • Basswood also known as lime wood and bass wood is a rather common wood that is used as a wood for handcarving and a wood for electric guitars
  • Bloodwood or blood wood is a rich and lustrous exotic wood that is an excellent choice for humidors, decorative boxes, wood for pool cues, and wood for knife handles
  • Blue Mahoe is a blue wood that is used as a wood for pen turning, inlay and other fine exotic wood projects
  • Bocote is a wood that resembles rosewood and hence it is often called Mexican rosewood. It is found throughout much of the South America and Mexico. It is used as an exotic wood for knife handles, turning, inlays, furniture, tool handles, cabinetry, decking and veneers.
  • Bois de rose often called madagascar rosewood is a lustrous exotic wood prized as a luthier wood and for fine woodworking projects such as wood turning and inlay
  • Pernambuco is a very rare wood that is also called Brazilwood, but has a different scientific name Chaesalpina echinata, and is prized by bowmakers as wood for violin bows due to its strength and durabililty
  • Bubinga looks strikingly similar to Rosewood and hence has often been called African Rosewood. Bubinga veneer often is called by the tradename Kevazingo. This exotic wood is often used for knife handles and furniture and musical instruments
  • Butternut wood is also known as white walnut and is an excellent choice for wood carving.
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