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Australian Blackwood

  • Also Known As : Black Acacia, Tasmanian Blackwood, Black Wattle
  • Scientific Name:  Acacia Melanoxylon
  • Source:  Eastern Australia, Queensland, New South Wales
  • Color: Golden, Reddish and Dark Brown
  • Pattern:  Strait, Wavy, Highly Figured 
  • Similar to: Koa
  • Uses: Furniture, Boats, Guitars, Musical Instruments, Veneer


Australian Blackwood is a species of Acacia wood that is often known as black wattle, Tasmanian Blackwood or by its scientific name Acacia Melanoxylon. It is used in furniture making due to its strength, and due to the trees large size, this wood also makes a great veneer. This exotic hardwood can be found along much of the Eastern coast of Australia and in Queensland and is partial to wet and cooler climates. 


This wood is fairly heavy and strong and therefore is used widely in furniture and boat making. Australian Blackwood is also used for decorative work, inlays and veneers. The wood often has has flecks of brown and waves that create a very attractive pattern for musical instruments.  Figured blackwood creates a very striking look especially when it is highly figured, and is used often for guitar  Due to the similarity in grain pattern and color, it is often used as a less expensive replacement to Koa wood which is also in the Acacia family.


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