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Butternut Wood

  • Also Known As : White Walnut
  • Scientific Name:  Juglans Cinerea
  • Source:  Central and Eastern US, Southeastern Canada
  • Color: Light to Medium Brown Heartwood with some light pink tinting, White Sapwood
  • Pattern:  Strait, Course Grains 
  • Similar to: Walnut
  • Uses: Wood for woodcarving, Church altars, Turning, millwork, carving, veneer, cabinetry


Butternut wood has a coarse straight grain.  The heartwood is a medium brown color with a sapwood that is nearly white.  The wood often has a pinkish tint and a sheen that can be polished to a radiant luster.


Like the walnut from which it get its nickname "white walnut", this tree produces edible nuts and oil.  This wood is relatively easy to carve and thus has been used on many decorative doors, altars, lecterns and other millwork within churches in the US.  As the wood has become less available, it is most often used by wood crafters for turning and sculpting, since the wood has a pleasing appearance due to its pronounced grain and is easily carved.

Wormy grade or buggy butternut is also an alternative to wormy chestnut for flooring.


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