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Bois de Rose

  • Also Known As : Madagascar Rosewood, rosewood 
  • Scientific Name:  dalbergia Maritima
  • Source:  Madagascar
  • Color: Red Wine to Dark Red and Dark Purplish, purplish black color
  • Pattern:  Strait and Wavy grain
  • Similar to: Rosewood
  • Uses: Furniture, decking, tools, veneer


Bois de Rosewood is a wood that resembles rosewood and hence it is often called Madagascar rosewood.  Many woods are given the name bois de rose, but the name is most strongly associated with Madagascar Rosewood which is a particularly beautiful wood.  This exotic wood when freshly cut is a very bright red wine color with dark streaks, but as it oxidizes it darkens to a dark red, plum, or dark black purplish color.  The wood has a fine grain structure with rich hues that provide a very striking appearance and beautiful luster.  It is found in Madagascar and is often confused with other types of red wood.


This wood is one of the most striking and lustrous of all exotic woods and lends intself to many decorative and fine woodcrafts.  The fine grain structure is perfect for detail work and small items such as pens, decorative boxes and other wood turning.  Additionally bois de rose is a popular exotic wood for woodwind instruments, luthier wood, as well as guitar components, due to its great tap tone.  The wood is both straight and wavy grained, and with the tight grain pattern, it is used extensively for inlays, decorative boxes and other wood projects.  The dark purplish color that comes about as the wood ages makes for a great contrast with other light color woods such as birch, maple or oak.  The fine grain also lends well to pen turning as well as pool cue inlay.  Due to the similar look and grain pattern, the wood is often substituted for rosewood.


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